This article is about the TV series known as Michel in English. For the character, see Michel (character).

Guardian Fairy Michel, or Michel, is a Korean animated television series that ran in 2003. It was produced by the South Korean company DR Movie and Iconix Entertainment. The series aired on KBS in 2003 and was licensed and dubbed by ADV Films for English-speaking audiences.


Kim White is a pilot, and the daughter of a famous scientist, Dr. White. She's constantly at arms with the Black Hammer Gang, a group of thieves with giant robots who plan to steal all of the world's treasures. She goes after them one night after they steal a diamond, and the two sides end up lost in a gigantic cloud formation known as the Devil's Coast. Strange, glowing lights pull Kim deep into the heart of the storm, and she fears it may be over...

...But she wakes up in a place with a clear sky, unhurt, beneath an enormous tree. A mysterious young boy named Michel greets her, and explains that she's landed on Sitel Island, home of the Tree of Life that keeps the balance of nature in check. Unfortunately, Kim led the Black Hammer Gang to the island with her. With their robots, they kidnap all of the fairies, causing the tree to wither--and they soon learn how to transform the fairies into monsters.

The Tree of Life is destroyed, but will regrow from its seed if all of the fairies are rescued. Laura, the spirit of the tree, tells Kim and Michel to rescue all of the fairies. Together, they must save the fairies, stop the Black Hammer Gang, and restore the balance of nature!

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